It’s halfway July and therefore the very. last. chance. to sow some fast-growing crops, winter crops or early spring crops. Ofcourse you can sow some seeds a bit later as well, but the later you sow, the smaller the chance you will get full grown crops. And therefore I needed some motivation to get this last flush of sowing done in this heat, so I decided to make a list and share the list with you. Perhaps you can join me in sowing one thing every day for the seventeen days left in July? We will motivate each other! I’ll start tomorrow, on the 15th.

Below you can find my list of things that I will (succession) sow the upcoming 17 days up till the end of the month. The list is made in such a way that the more urgent things are placed higher up in the list than the things that are less urgent. The things on top are borderline late, so if you want to sow them too, it’s better to sow them sooner than later!

15. Parsnips
16. Brocoli
17. Kale
18. Courgette
19. Endive
20. Fennel
21. Kohlrabi
22. Cauliflower
23. Chard
24. Celery
25. French beans
26. Turnips
27. Red chicory
28. Lettuce
29. Carrots
30. Coriander
31. Chervil

I will try to post as often as I can when I’m sowing my daily seeds, I hope to see yours in my instagram feed tagged with #sowgrowharvestfeast ? We’ll all work together towards a good winter harvest. Hard to imagine something as abstract as ‘winter’ in these summer temperatures, but be assured ‘winter IS coming’, and if you join me in this seed sowing quest, we’ll be prepared!