How typical, it’s a Sunday in autumn and it’s raining. It has been pouring like it always does when it rains here. It has not only been rainy, but also quite windy. So what do you do when the weather is like this?

We considered going out to the city, but I guess weren’t brave enough to confront the rain. This morning when we were making plans for the day, this picture on the right was what was to be expected in terms of rain for the hours to come. So we decided to stay home.

rainonthemountain3Eduard decided to work away family history related inquiries on the email and worked on repairing our vintage/antique chair. I decided to work on plans for next years vegetable garden. November and December are perfect months to start working on this. To start collecting seeds and to write down the experiences we had this year. And so I started drawing and planning in my garden notebook that I started earlier this year.

This work only required 1/4 of my brain. I have the experience that I can only stay engaged at something if it requires 100% of my brain activity. Therefore I needed some engaging distraction to fill the other parts. We couldn’t use the tv to listen to some intellectually-challenging ;) programs that are shown on Sunday tv due to the wind. I don’t think I’ve explained this before on the blog. But we live “far” outside the city and we can only reach tv through a satellite. Unfortunately the satellite can’t get stable signal during times that trees are in leafs while it’s windy. There is one beautiful but big tree disrupting the signal. We don’t really consider this a problem. It only makes those rainy Sundays a bit duller.


I had to resort to other means to distract my mind fully. I found these two documentaries on YouTube about gardening, self sustained living that kept me company while I was drawing out next years garden and making an overview of all the seeds I’ve collected by now.

I found both documentaries interesting in their own way. The first one was informative for me in the way that I hope to become a farmer or better said a gardner in the future. You’ll understand the difference when you listen to the whole documentary. The documentary follows a daughter of a farmer that wants to take over the business from her father. She hopes to set it up though that it’s robust enough to conquer future challenges that are confronting contemporary farmers. She therefore visits people that approach farming in a different way.

The second one I found interesting since it describes a social experiment of the ’70. It was one of the first – if not the first – big brother like context in which people were put together and filmed for a long period of time, while they were excluded from the rest of the world. In this case they were put in a iron age setting where they tried to live in a self sustained way. What I found interesting is to see that the motives to join such a program for most of these people were totally different than why people join such a tv show now. But also the struggles they had within the group were also totally different than current shows show. The biggest irritation they had was if the vegetarians would have to eat meat during the experiment as far as I understood this. This was maybe because the makers of the show were aiming for a group that was balanced when scouting the people instead of people that would clash. And then also the type of people joining such a program are very different from current shows.


If you are also trying to fill your Sunday in a meaningful and relaxing way, I can recommend both documentaries to you. In the meantime – although the weather has turned a bit – I’ll go on with finalising my garden plan for 2014, while Eduard tries to repair the chair so that it can take on the new year.