We are nicely settling in, a month after our move. Living here, feels very natural. So natural that I haven’t showed you much of our new village, assuming I have already showed you everything. That’s clearly not the case. Consider this post as a first peek into our life on the new mountain.sunday walk in the village - 1

A mountain with a lake at it’s feet. Only two footsteps away from our doorstep. It takes about 45 minutes to walk a full round around it, and I will probably be walking that round many times a week to get my head straight in between my daily tasks on my pretty new winter sneakers. It feels really good to leave our front door and be able to walk and hike around without having to take the car in between. It was exactly what we aimed for with moving away from our old house.

adidas originals winter boot

lake walk by pakovska village walk by pakovska

village mountains village lake walk by pakovska

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