Our alternative Christmas tree wasn’t finished the last time you saw it. I promised to show you the full dressed up tree. Here it is. Eduard and I dressed it up last week after I received a surprise package from Anastasia. She had filled it with beautiful authentic ceramic pieces for our tree.

I quickly made a selection of ornaments that we would use this year and Eduard hung them carefully in the tree. It really looks amazing. I’m unable to make a picture that does it justice. But you get the idea I think.

christmas tree diy 2014

Our tree is always filled with different types of ornaments we’ve collected or received as gifts over the years. It’s such a pleasure to put everything up. It brings us back to Acadia, China, Sicily, Grand Canyon, Minsk, Budapest and so on. At the same time you think about all the people and memories that are ‘hanging’ in your tree. I can’t imagine having a tree in one colour with all the same kind of balls. This feels better.

christmas tree diyIt was the first time this year that we had a big pile of ornaments that didn’t survive a yearlong life in a cramped box. Like other things in life, I’m sure we’ll lose some of these ornaments one day. And that’s ok, otherwise we would have to expand our tree every year.

christmas tree diy branches

christmas tree diy 20144

branches christmas tree diy