It’s that time of the year again. We entered December, one of my favourite months of the year. I know that in the Netherlands you aren’t supposed to put up a Christmas tree before Sinterklaas leaves the country (6 Dec), but we are now in France and so a conventional rule like that is easily forgotten. Did he even enter this country?

Today I took the task upon me to make an alternative Christmas tree again. Every now and then we don’t put up a real tree, but instead we build our own alternative Christmas tree. We do this during years that we aren’t sure where we will spend the holidays. When we know that we are going away for the full holidays we often don’t even bother with a tree. This year we will be here, but we aren’t sure what will happen afterwards, so it’s a good year again to choose an alternative option.

alternative christmas tree branches2

I worked on it this morning and now it’s all set up to be filled with christmas ornaments. I will wait with that, till Eduard gets home from a conference. Also, it will be a nice thing to do during the weekend, as the first snow is announced and we might reach -5 during the weekend. So that’s exciting, ideal weather for a christmas tree setup!

I used some fallen branches from our maple tree. I cut of the small branches and cut them in an appropriate length. On top I placed a petokraka. That’s how we call a five (pet) armed (raka) – star in Macedonian. The little communist in me is totally satisfied. Hahaha. It’s not a very original idea this time. These kind of christmas trees are all over the internet. But who cares about originality, right? And it’s also much easier to make than most of my other alternative christmas trees. So it’s perfect!

The only problem with this tree is that it’s quite small, so we will only use a small selection of our christmas tree ornaments. When it’s all done, I’ll show it to you. Probably first on here.

What does your tree look like this year?