It’s time again to show you the garden. If you want to look back and follow the progress, you can click back to my first post this year, which I posted in the beginning of march & the one that I wrote by the end of march.
It’s really warm again, especially compared to last year and therefore we already have calendula flowers that are blooming. I sowed those last year and with the soft weather they just keep on coming. Which is nice. They welcome me every time I enter the garden as they are planted just behind the gate.

I kind of love looking into the garden from the outside. Especially when it looks so nice and neat. The front side of the garden is all ready for planting now. I made paths again with stones from other parts of the garden and I took away most of the weeds.

I also started working on the second half of the garden, which you can see on the back. I’m doing the spaghetti gardening thing on the sides (as I showed you earlier). For the center part next to the greenhouse I still need to take out all the weeds. I have done quite a bit though, but it’s just so much. It’s incredible. But at the same time, as soon as you start it really goes fast. Eduard has also helped me with some big bushes that needed to be minimised.

I’ve planted a few things in the garden as well. First of all a lot of peas. They are all growing and last years plants already have pea pods hanging on them. I guess in a week or two we’ll have our first peas meal from the garden!

I also planted out some chinese cabbage & beets earlier this week and today I planted out some tomatoes and marigolds

I planted many strawberries a few weeks ago and I also planted artichokes a few days ago (see below). They are doing really well. I started growing them quite late, but I’m hopeful that we will have a first crop this year. These are artichokes that should give fruit in the first year as well. We’ll see!

The garlics that I planted in november are doing really well. I worked away some of the weeds around them. I’ll plant two tomatoes in between them next week. Last years fennel is still going strong. We harvested it last year and left the root and the heart and now it’s giving us a second crop. Really cool!

Tadadada: this is one of the garden epicentres! The greenhouse nursery. I’m so happy we bought this greenhouse. It’s really making things so much easier to grow. It’s really nice and warm in there and therefore everything is growing vividly. It’s quite full though, so I’m now in the process of planting out things in the garden.

When I look at the front part of the garden (pictures below) I can’t take the smile away from my face. I have very high hopes for this year. A year ago I wrote this post, you can see how far we were then. The seedlings were a real mess  as well last year and we weren’t this far with preparing the soil. And I’m not even talking about the good weather we are now enjoying.

Let’s hope I’ll be able to stay ahead or on top of things.
How is your veggie plot coming along?