It’s time to show you another corner of the house. I think that by the time we will move away from here, everything will be organised and will have found it’s place. I moved this plant at least twice now. It’s now back at it’s original place. I also put together all the mini plants that are starting to grow. These are mostly succulents and aloe’s. But I also have a one year old air-plant. I didn’t think it would survive so long, as it apparently doesn’t only live on air. And there are some other plants mixed in there, like alpines. [I really need to read into the difference between alpines and succulents.]

I kind of like them there next to the fireplace.  The last time I showed you a corner of the house, it was winter I believe. It looked a bit different. I’m now moving everything into a summer setting. As we went along we also accumulated a few new things in the house, but we are also now slowly trying to get rid of things as well. A few weeks ago we threw away at least nine 100L bags of stuff. Which is pretty amazing for us.

These were mostly old magazines, glassware (apparently I don’t need that many jam jars) and some things from my workroom. I now try to buy less magazines as I realise that I rarely read one from cover to cover and that I prefer to look back into real books. 

indoor garden succulents12

indoor garden succulents11

I can’t say this often enough, but the thing that I love most about these plants, is that most of them were given to me by people that grew these plants from their own plants. Offsprings from plants that still live in peoples homes. Another small part of the plants I’ve collected on holidays, during walks. I think I only bought the air plant.

The gifted plants were given to me by at least four different people and they come from four different countries. Every time I see a specific plant, in a split second I also think about this person, or the context in which we were connected. Maybe not consciously, but it definitely gives these plants a bit more meaning I think. It might sound strange, but if you want to give me a gift that I will cherish, this is really the way to go.  Just pull off a piece of your own plant and give it to me in a jar of water.  I promise that I won’t forget you as long as the plant is alive. Hahaha.

indoor garden succulent pot

indoor garden succulents

indoor garden succulents02

Of all those plants, I want to highlight the pink succulent in this collection today. I got this one from a multitalented Hungarian women I have met here in Grenoble. She had a balcony full with these guys. They just live outside, even in winter. Very impressive. I think I will keep them inside, although they have been residing on the terrace up till now. 

I got a few other plants from her as well, but this one is special. It’s the first time I see a little baby succulent form on a broken leaf. It started growing within a few weeks and now it’s already quite big. It’s really cute! It’s also very easy to grow. You just place the succulent on some soil and wait. I believe after this step, it will start growing some roots and I’ll have a new plant. 

indoor garden succulents05

indoor garden succulents09

indoor garden succulents10

And my collection keeps on growing. Last week I got a new succulent from the wife of Eduards boss. We visited them for a BBQ and I saw a pot with a great looking plant that grew in her garden. At the end of the evening I asked her if I could take a little sucker off the plant. She said yes. Now it’s getting ready in a jar of water to be placed in a pot soon. She told me that she got her plant from an old lady. It’s so nice to know that these single plants touch so many hands and lives. I hope that they grow big so that I can give some away as well.

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