We spend our last weekend in the Languedoc and Provence region. As we had four days off, we decided to pack up our tent and go south. We considered going to higher ground in the Alps at first, but most campings were closed as the night temperatures are still very low. People gave us the advise to stay low during this period. So on Wednesday evening, I googled around and found a place on the map where the night temperatures were warm enough.

Without any further plans, we drove down on Thursday and when we came close to our initial destination, we tried to find a camping. The first one we found, was full, fortunately we found another one not much further. We hiked a bit, picked up a bit on culture and history, and by total accident ended up at a cherry fest and a medieval market. We also visited a Moroccan photo exhibition and a amazing Klimt projections exhibition in a quarry that was first used in 200AD. I’ll blog about all details later on. But I wanted to give you a little sneak peek in pictures.

I still find it amazing how quickly we can drive up to a place where it’s 5-10 degrees warmer and where you instantly get this holiday feeling. Even if you are away for only 3,5 days!


camping mons le trivalle beach water

olargues house

olargues church

olargues cat

olargues cat window

olargues porch



cherry fest mons le trivalle



saint chinian windmill



beziers middle ages singers

beziers middle ages girl dog

les baux de provence church

les baux de provence old church

les baux de provence robichez maroccan exhibition

les baux de provence maroccan exhibition cavilla

carriere de la lumiere

klimt exhibition carriere de la lumiere

les baux de provence klimt carriere de la lumiere