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Rich red cabbage juice

By  •  3 years ago

A week or so ago I saw a dutch recipe come by for a red cabbage smoothie. The vibrant color really tickled my fancy, and made me decide to try …
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eatrefreshing drinks

Neskafe ice coffee from the Balkans

By  •  4 years ago

I like to start my day with coffee and then during the day I drink one more coffee in the early afternoon and sometimes take another one somewhere in between. …
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eatrefreshing drinks

Instant ice cube coffee

By  •  6 years ago

Pinterest is full with pictures of ice coffees made out of coffee ice cubes mixed with milk. I’ve been wanting to try this out as well. Today was the right …
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Tutorial 2: Chocolatemilk sticks

By  •  9 years ago

A long long time ago I promised you a tutorial on how to make your own chocolate milk sticks! I finally made some today during daylight, so now I can …
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