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Vegetarian horseradish pumpkin seeds spread

By  •  1 year ago

As a vegetarian I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to building up a rich sandwich. Definitely not in France, as the French aren’t too fond of …
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Low sugar blackberry confiture

By  •  2 years ago

July and August were overwhelming months blackberry wise. We harvested full bags of blackberries for weeks. I made a bread cake out of them and we ate them in our …
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Making fig confiture on an outdoor stove

By  •  3 years ago

We are having a very productive weekend. Maybe to compensate for the hectic week we had where we didn’t spend much time at home. I personally love it when we …
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Preserved dried tomatoes with garlic in olive oil

By  •  3 years ago

I have both a love and hate relationship with homegrown cherry tomatoes. I love their sweet taste and their colourful and cute look. And I also can’t ignore that they are …
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Ajvar, a-jar-full (of comfort)

By  •  4 years ago

Ajvar [ajвар]! Or Ajver – whatever you prefer – is one of those terrific foods from my youth. Back then it was a real comfort food, since I didn’t have …
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Unripe green walnut preserve and confiture

By  •  5 years ago

The harvesting season for green unripe walnuts began nine days ago for me this year. A bit late, but summer came late this year and everything moved on a bit. …
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