Testing the DIA sweater by Misusu
3 months ago

Testing the DIA sweater by Misusu

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I’m wondering how to tell you the story about the handful of DIA sweaters that I made this October. Do I just shout out immediately that you HAVE TO BUY …
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Knit 3h baby vest

I love to knit, it keeps me physically occupied while I’m doing something that only requires (some) mental work. Or when I’m stuck somewhere where I can’t do anything else but knit, like in a car for example (when I’m not driving). I’ve been knitting as long as I can remember, and before that my mother and grandmother knitted from the beginning of history, my history at least. So it must be part of my nature. If not, then it must be nurture. Read More

Last bits and pieces of the new collection

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I’ve been knitting macbook sleeves for a while now and I still enjoy it a lot. It’s a perfect way for me to relax and get my hands off the computer. But about 250 sleeves down the road a few months ago I did decide that I have to reshuffle the way I work, in producing – but mostly in how I push these sleeves into the world. Read More