I’m training myself here and there to finish things. Small things, and big things. One of the things that I have trouble with, is reaching tops of mountains. I love walking in the mountains, but at one point I think I’ve seen it, and the top seems so far away, that I just suggest to go back. Often, I find out afterwards that we were almost at the top when we went back. At that point I regret not have pushed myself to walk to the top. Even though I was tired, sweaty and grasping for breath. Well sort of, mostly I was just a bit – argh – lazy. It’s strange, because I generally don’t give up on things, but with mountains I give in easily. Even though I enjoy being there a lot. Maybe it’s because it’s a new experience and it’s often difficult to oversee the journey.


charmant som - 4

charmant som

charmant som - 3

charmant som - 1

charmant som

Today was different, we decided to walk to the top of Charmant Som and we reached it! The top was at 1860m (we obviously didn’t climb it from the bottom of the valley). It was beautiful and the view from the top was better than expected. I can’t walk normally at the moment (walking down was a bit of a pain on my knees) but I’m satisfied. One top down!

charmant som

charmant som - 11


In between everything, I took the time to make some pictures for you, so you won’t have to do all the walking. And in the end I got my reward, we got some cheeses from a local farm on the foot of the mountain. We saw the cows in the valley and the cheese maker making the cheese. It couldn’t get any better. The end of a perfect day. Not totally perfect though, since I was so tired that I ate two snicker bars and I don’t even like snickers.

charmant som by pakovska