You might have noticed that I have a real problem throwing away things. Especially if ‘things’ have only been used in their original functionality, in a sole form. To give an example, throwing away old clothing troubles me big times!

That’s why years ago I made a (humble) replica of a Droog design. And in later years I have made several rag rugs with clothes that I had cut apart into yarn. Next to that I’ve used nice looking old clothing to make lavender sachets and if they were in a bad state, I would just make pieces of cleaning cloth with them. When the clothes still were really new, or barely worn, I would bring them away to something like the red cross.

As I am losing weight – I’ve lost 16,5kg at the moment – I can slowly get rid of big (pun intended) parts of my closet. Things that aren’t really suitable for red cross as they have been worn quite intensively. I guess it’s time for more/new rugs in the house.

upcycled clothes crochet runner-3

upcycled clothes crochet runner

I’ve started this black (pants), grey (tunic dress), green & yellow (long sleeve t-shirts)-one this weekend. It’s actually very easy to make if you have good scissors. You just cut long threads from your old piece of clothing and start crocheting. I’m using a double crochet stitch all around till I run out of fabric. I’m making an oval rug this time, that we can use in our hallway at the entry door.

Although as said, it’s quite easy to make, I am always confronted with the ‘dirty’ side of manual work with these kind of things. In this case I ended up with small pieces of fabric/junk coming out of my nose for two days in a row, after I had been cutting the black (jersey) fabric. It really makes me feel sorry for the people working in clothing factories, day-in-day-out. Most of them probably work without any protection. I guess making things by hand incidentally, is good for keeping us aware (of the circumstances) of people that do these kind of things permanently.

I do hope that one day I’ll know what to do with my increased awareness. For now I find it very difficult to choose the best of all evils in terms of fabric choices or labor conditions. I therefore choose just to buy less clothes/things for myself. I’m being quite aware that that also isn’t the best option.

What do you do to keep your conscious semi-clear when it comes to consuming?
If you need some upcycling/recycling inspiration for textiles, visit my inspiration board here.

upcycled clothes crochet runner-4