Eduard placed some new cupboards in my workroom this weekend and since that time it has been a mess in my workroom. Today was the day that I was going to organise things and make it look pretty and accessible again. Especially that last part is important, since it’s a workroom and it has to be functional. When I made this plan of reorganising my workroom earlier this week, I didn’t realise that the weather was going to be amazing today. 30+ degrees and bright and shiny sun. Wooha, that’s how and why I love summer. That’s not the temperature in which I like to clean up my workroom though and it’s definitely not the temperature in which I like to work indoors. I prefer to work outdoors, especially when there is so much to enjoy outdoors. The temperature doesn’t change outdoors though, it’s even warmer and the sun is so sharp that I can’t look at my computerscreen properly. So I decided to take out our parasol that we took with us from our balcony in Leiden. That would keep the sun away. sunshade1  I can only say that it was a bit of a disappointment. It ruined the view, that’s the least I could say about it. So I gave myself a 2 minute thinking break and came up with the idea to set up cheese cloth sheets from our upper balcony to the terrace bushes and make some DIY sun shades. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I gave it a try anyway. I took two long pieces of cheesecloth and and 10 clips from the hardware store. I first placed the sheets on the top side on the balcony with two clips both. And then came down to clip them on the bushes, with three clips both. It seems to work pretty well. There is quite some wind at the moment and they just move along with it gently. I didn’t place them really tight, so there is not to much tension on them. sunshade4

sunshade2 I just love the result, don’t you? I wonder if Eduard will like it. Too romantic for him maybe? Now I could finally work outside! I sat down, with some lime/mint water and realised again that the internet could not reach the terrace since this weekend due to the mess in my workroom which was blocking pretty much all of the wifi signal. Yes, I know, I need to clean up my workroom. But first I wanted to brag a bit about my new sun shade, so I went inside and typed out this post. sunshade3And then I walked to my workroom to rearrange some yarn. Really! I did, I might – or might not -show you the results soon.