Today Eduard and I visited the Bee-market near our house. It was great to see so many stalls with great food and lots of crafts. Unfortunately my battery died within the first five minutes of us being there, so I don’t have a lot of pictures to share with you.

While Eduard was buying a few of these jams, I saw Anton. Anton was a former colleague of mine when I worked at the Lakenhal museum. He was the photographer of the museum. I of course had to show him my new camera and after tweaking some settings we tried out some portrait pictures. Anton made one of me and I made a picture of him.

Eduard walked ahead of me while I was making pictures and I found him at the olive oil stand. Where we bought some olive oil and a few more things later on. We even took a subscription to a vegetable box that will arrive weekly at our doorstep, starting upcoming Thursday. We’re both very excited about it.

These kind of farmers-like-markets are really a friendly way of starting your weekend. Even the angry bird bowl that I bought from a nice lady, seems less angry at a bee-market.