The cherry trees are bringing us much joy these days. We already harvested twice a big harvest and looking at how much more the tree holds I decided to do some experimenting on how to preserve the cherries for later on this year. But at the same time to see if I can make many different things from the cherries. Prepare yourself for a handful of cherry recipes the upcoming weeks. I have a confiture, ice cream from the cherry pits and cherry juice in the planning. But today we start with a healthy very easy to make cherry popsicle.

popsticlecherry1cherrypopsticle1It’s so easy that it’s almost not worth sharing a recipe, therefore I’ll share the process with you. What do you need, what do you do? First of all a bowl of pitless cherries. You can just buy cherries from the supermarkt or pick them yourself and then take out the pits with a special machine or with a knife. You will also need some water and a cooking pan to cook the cherries for 20 minutes or so on a low temperature till they are nice and soft. After you have cooked them, you just take the cooked cherries and the water and pour it in the blender. Make sure you didn’t leave any cherry pits in the mix, if you have checked this, just close the blender and start blending the mix for a minute or two till the mixture has become all smoothy. Now try it and see if you think it’s sugary enough. Our cherries were picked early in the season this time, so there weren’t sweet enough. I added just a table spoon of agave nektar. But you can add whatever you think is good. Now that it’s done, let it cool down and prepare some popsicle bags or trays which you will use. Fill them when the mixture is cooled down and place them in te freezer. Bon appétit!