It was strange working in the garden this afternoon. Normally it’s really enjoyable to be outside and work in the sun without any distraction. News doesn’t reach me when I’m up in the vegetable garden. I’m far away from everything, digging in the dirt, with my head up in the clouds. An ideal place to get my thoughts straight.

Today was different though. Today sad things happened not so far away from us, and working outdoors was therefore not a good way to escape from everything. While I was digging my way through a new patch in our vegetable garden, rescue helicopters kept on flying over our valley. Far away, but still close enough to spot and hear them high up in the air. And when helicopters are flying around in the mountains, you always assume something bad has happened. When there are many helicopters flying around, well…

I decided to go in and find out what was going on. It was extremely sad to find out that peoples lives have ended so tragically in our beautiful (and rough) mountains. Heart breaking for the families and people around the victims. My thoughts are with them.

first harvest homegrown asparagus-1

In the evening I went out again to the garden to harvest a few things for our dinner. It was time to harvest our first asparagus. We only had two asparagus that were ready to harvest, so I decided to combine them with some of last years red kale. The kale is still in our garden, because I’m trying to harvest seeds from it for future sowing. I’m out of seeds for this kale and in the case of cabbage like plants, it’s generally good to harvest seeds yourself every now and then, as you can’t keep cabbage seeds well for many years.

asparagus red kale

And as long as it’s still in our kitchen garden, I can still harvest from it for meals. Leaving enough leaves for it to further develop its seeds. Today it accompanied the asparagus in an potato omelet. Combined with some homegrown herbs, it was a rich and tasty meal. Who said March was a bad month for harvesting? Todays harvest is the first vegetable bouquet of many more to come this year.

first harvest homegrown asparagus-5