I’m obsessed and intrigued. I just pulled out the first full grown garlic of the year. What a beauty and it smells deliriously divine. It smells so strong and fresh. Like all garlic should smell.

After last years experience with a veggie garden I decided to grow more tomatoes and more corn and more beetroot and what not. After this year I’m pretty sure ‘more garlic’ will be placed on the list as well. So easy to grow and didn’t even have to buy garlic to grow them. I just used supermarket bought garlic! You can read here, how I planted them last autumn. This is how they started their circle of life. 

autumn garden garlic beginning

autumn garden garlic sowing

I will leave the other garlics in the veg patch for one more week I think and then I’ll pull the bigger ones out to dry. Waaaah. I’m in heaven. Tonight we’ll be having pea, basil & garlic soup. It’s also the start of a new project I’m setting up in anticipation of the book. I hope to tell you more about it in a week or so. Meanwhile try to smell this garlic with your eyes. 

first garlic1

first garlic3