Time for a little (easy) recipe today. I made an artichoke and spinach pie today which was inspired by a pinterest pin and just France in general. Since we have moved to France artichokes (in which form ever) have become an important part of our food intake and at the same time I saw a spinach and artichoke dip on pinterest come by a while ago. Today I was clearing out some things in our kitchen and decided to make my own artichoke and spinach pie with whatever I had left in the kitchen cupboard. Since that’s how I cook. But I assume you would like to know what’s in it?

Ingredients & recipe for +/- 4 people:

  • quiche pastry (I bought mine ready to go, you can also make it yourself)
  • 150 gr grilled artichoke hearts conserved in olive oil (from a jar – drained)
  • 500 gr. spinach (fresh or canned – always drained)
  • 100 gr. some kind of neutral cheese, mascarpone, crème fraîche or something else (whatever you have in your fridge)
  • salt & pepper to taste

And now what? First preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 190 degrees. While it’s getting warm place the pastry in the dish you want to use for the pie. If you want to pre-bake the pie crust before you add the filling you can use these beautiful handmade blind baking pearls for that step. Place baking paper on top of your pastry and the pearls on top of the paper. You can bake the crust now for 10 minutes (or a bit longer if you prefer).

After the blind bake take the pearls out and the baking paper that was lying under the pearls and start mixing the filling of the drained spinach and the cheese of your choice. If you want to add salt and pepper, you can do that now. Do taste the artichokes first as well though, since they might be marinated with herbs and some salt. Now you can place the spinach-cheese mix on top of the pastry. Then slice the drained artichokes in two and place them on top of the filling with the heart turned to the top. Push them carefully a bit into the spinach.

Ready! Place the whole dish in the heated oven and let it bake for 20 minutes till it’s nice and brown. There isn’t anything in the dish that is really raw, so you don’t have to bake it for a long period. Just till it’s warm and crusty.

Serving tips?

I would say the dish is nice enough to be served like it is with a bit of bread to dip in the pie. You can serve it also with a glass of wine of your choice and if you prefer to give your guests an easy starter, you can use the oil of the artichoke jar to serve in a small platter in which people can dip their bread before your jar dropping pie is served. A fresh salad with tomatoes would make a nice side dish for the pie.

My last piece of advice:

I made my pie variety with mascarpone, so it was quite “fatty” – I would say maybe it’s better to make it with crème fraîche or less fatty cheese. If you prefer not to use any cheese, you can replace it with egg and a pinch of milk or just don’t add anything. You can also make it lower in fat by using artichokes that are conserved in vinegar and not in olive oil. It’s whatever you prefer. The variety I made was finger licking good, but there are loads of alternatives.

If you follow the recipe, please let me know what you think – if you have any improvements and in the meantime enjoy!