A week ago I found this inspiring blogpost on the blog of my colleague Mary. It showed how you can grow your own celery out of the celery you bought in the supermarket. I liked the idea and decided to it try out myself.

I actually saw the blogpost a bit late, so my celery was a bit old when I started doing this. Also I didn’t plan to do this when I started using the celery, therefore “the sticks” look very torn off. Not nicely cut off at the same length. I kind of hope that especially the first thing doesn’t really matter. But only time will tell.

I placed the celery two days ago in a little cup of water (above picture) and today it already has new leaves growing out if it (picture below). I don’t see any real roots yet though, so it needs some more time in the water I think. I’ll keep you updated about the progress here!


Update: one week later

I planted the celery in a (former feta) can a few days ago. I think it’s now in the can for a day or two and it grows really fast. I do understand that it might take months till it’s eatable. Therefore I still have to buy celery during that period and so I did. Which means that I will have more celery bases ready to be planted. I’ve started growing a second one. The second one is an organic celery, I wonder if I will see a difference in growth.

Concerning the planting: I just placed the celery in the can and put some soil on it. I didn’t make any holes on the bottom of the can, since I wanted to put the can without anything underneath on our window post. I wonder if it will really affect the way it grows. I’ll keep you posted!