Pinterest is full with pictures of ice coffees made out of coffee ice cubes mixed with milk. I’ve been wanting to try this out as well. Today was the right day to do some experimentation. Yesterday I froze the coffee and today I could taste it for the first time. It’s nice, it tastes also a bit different than normal ice coffee. It has a bit more of an caramel taste. Maybe because normally I would use more coffee and less milk. I don’t know, but it was a success! I’ll be doing this more often. I’ll also try to make ice cube chai lattes. That looks mouthwatering and very refreshing as well. But first the coffee!


You will need exactly the same things that you need when you are making regular ice coffee: water, coffee, milk & ice cube holders. Instead of making the warm coffee and adding the cold milk and ice cubes, you now prepare the coffee, let it cool down and place it in the ice cube holder to freeze. When it’s done you can add the cubes in the cold milk and you will have your instant ice coffee. Enjoy!










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