Umgh umgh umhg! Although it’s actually not a finished post yet, I couldn’t withold these pictures from you. While I was cutting some flowers for a new bouquet yesterday I figured out that my lilacs flowers were almost gone. Their season is almost ending here in France. I couldn’t find pieces that were good enough to use for this purpose. Not a huge deal, just the end of a period. I found some other flowers that I could use now.

Then when I went inside the house again, I found out that lilacs aren’t only the best smelling plants in the world, they can be also used in all kinds of foods. I read this in this dutch wild flower eating group. And although there weren’t enough proper (long stems etc) flowers for a vase, there were still enough flowers to use to make some jelly. I couldn’t resist trying out and I quickly cut the remaining flowers from the trees. And the cooking began again. This time in opposite to the dandelion flowers syrup (which tastes amazing), the jelly looks aHmeHzing. No seriously. It does.

I read some people lost the color of the lilacs during the process. For me that really wasn’t a problem, I guess because our lilacs are a bit darker than the usual ones. It is still a bit watery though, so as the last time, I won’t share the recipe just yet. But if it turns out well, I will share it with you. If you can’t wait and you  can read dutch just join that above mentioned group. I adjusted my recipe according to the agar agar instructions on my agar agar and  *happy sigh* I left some of the flowers in the jelly. Not for taste reasons you can probably understand.

Below you can find some pictures of the process. Enjoy…..