I have been quiet for a while, caused by a short holiday we had for two weeks. But I’m back and yesterday I made a great dessert from things we had lying in our house. It became a strawberry rhubarb rice dessert. I made a few mouth watering pictures for you.

You now might want to know the recipe? I would say: see what you have lying around in your house and try to make a great mix. That’s what we did.

We found the following things:
– homemade strawberry jam (just a little bit to make the bottom color red)
– rice pudding (actually you only need rice+milk+sugar)
– fresh strawberries
rhubarb compote
– mint leaves from our garden (to top it off)

It tasted great, we only learned that we should have put less strawberry jam on the bottom, since it was a bit too sweet. That’s something to remember for next time.