The weather is really affecting me these days. I don’t like to complain about the weather, as I really think we live in a paradise when it comes to weather conditions. But these last two weeks the weather has made it difficult for me to stay healthy. I’m being chased by the flu or a cold, and I blame the weather for not being able to fully block it from affecting me. It’s not so much that the weather has been awful, but it’s very unpredictable. It changes in between days dramatically. Incredibly difficult to choose the right clothes in the morning, and not catch a cold during the day.

But as I am not able to change the weather, I’m trying to find comfort in warming winter food. Today I’ll share a quick and nourishing winter pasta with you, with this winters favourite ingredient: chestnuts.

Ingredients (2pp)

  • whole-wheat pasta for two
  • two hands of pre-cooked chestnuts
  • 2 shallots
  • 3 cups of frozen spinach
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 3tbsp sunflower oil
  • 3tbsp sour cream
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • salt & pepper to taste


Boil some water to prepare the pasta. Finely chop the shallots and the garlic. Prepare a big enough pan with the sunflower oil to cook the shallots and garlic. Slowly stir them around. Now add the chestnuts, stir well. Add the spinach. Heat everything up. When the spinach is fully defrosted add the sour cream. Stir again. Now add the cooked and drained pasta to the pan with vegetables. Mix everything. The seasoning part starts now. First add the lemon juice. You will see that when you make a dish more sour, you won’t have to use a lot of salt. Now add salt and pepper to taste. Serve it up on a warm plate and enjoy your evening (or lunch).