Remember the seeds I blogged about a few months ago? I planted some more in the meantime and as you can see above, most of them are becoming real plants rapidly. The beans above are definitely ready to be placed outside in a garden bed. Unfortunately the veggie garden was not ready yet.

The designated place for veggies in our garden was converted into a swimmingpool area by the people that lived in the house before us. So when they left, they took away the swimming pool and left something that could be best described as a desert build on a piece of plastic. A while ago we pulled away the biggest part of the plastic that was lying under the sand and on top of the soil, but that was so much work that we didn’t make the soil ready for planting. That was supposed to be the next step, which would become more urgent when the sprouts would start sprouting…. which they are doing now vividly!


So today Eduard continued his work and the big shoveling began. The whole veggie garden is around 14,5x6m. Today we finished around 2×2,5m. Eduard opened up the soil and I collected stones in the garden to mark the beds and marked the walking routes around it with the old desert sand which was lying under the swimmingpool.



This is how the bed looks now. There is some lettuce growing in it – these were seedlings I bought in the store so not grown from scratch. But they give you an idea about how it will be later on during the process. This is one of the beds planned in the area. There will be around 8 beds, all in different sizes. But we are taking it one at a time. Soon the veggie garden will be back on track again and will forget the short period that it was converted into a swimmingpool.


We are really so excited about the garden. In a few months we can pick apples, cherries, walnuts, veggies, flowers, herbs and what more from our own (rented) piece of land.

This last week I’ve been realizing that I’ve postponed too many “good things in life” for things that were less good. You only realize this when you change your routine and start doing new things you have postponed for all the good bad reasons. I believe turning 32 this week gives me enough reason to toast to fresh starts.

Keep a close eye on this blog to find out what this fresh start will entail for me personally.