Did I tell you already? I am pretty sure I did, but let me tell again: We FINALLY have/rent a garden of more than 2000m2. This has been my dream forever. I can finally grow my own veggies and eat fruit from our own fruit trees. There are cherry trees, apple trees and a huge walnut tree in our garden. Besides these there are enough herb bushes all over the place. The veggies don’t grow by itself though, so it was time for me to start the seeding process. For now I took out my old seeds which have been dusting away in our drawers.

I had been saving egg boxes for this purpose. And I also still had a lot of plastic boxes left from NL from the take away “chinese”. Anyway enough to seed all the veggies. Next time I’ll seed the flowers, we first need to eat some more eggs. We need to do it quite quickly since the weather is changing drastically, so the sun is coming out more and more.




The next thing would be that we need to prep our veggie garden space, the former renters were planning to make a swimming pool, so they had put some plastic on the flat area and on top tons of sand. We took away the sand and plastic ourselves and are hoping that our gardner guy will come soon to place new soil on top of the empty area. That’s why we couldn’t seed some of the seeds directly in the garden – for some things (like the thing you see above ;)) it’s better to seed it directly. But will see, we can’t do it differently for now though we will first have to wait till the seeds come out.

To be continued…..