I’m so organised these days, that it’s getting pretty scary. I’m normally one of those go-with-the-flow kind of people, that doesn’t stand still and doesn’t look at what one already has before it storms on to the next thing. Which is nice as well, but I’m kind of appreciating the time I’m having now to step back a bit and look at all the things we already have and make life a bit easier by organising small parts of it, details basically. In this case the garden seeds, veggies & flowers.

I wish I made a before and after picture of these garden seeds that I organised a few days ago. I already had placed some of them in these black plastic containers (something like old-fashioned photo rolls), but they were a big mess, most of them were still in their sachets, because it contains some useful information that I wanted to put on the containers when I put them away. It was one big mess in this drawer and in a separate bin elsewhere. It took me one evening, but everything is now organised again by color and shape and on the body of the container I have some information about when to use the seeds and at which temperature and what their latin name is etc. Instead of thinking *blergh* even before I open the drawer, now I am basically delighted to open it and choose the seeds I want to use.

organised seeds1

I’m collecting my own seeds at the end of every season if the collecting process is not too complicated. Do you do that too? Do you mix up the bought seeds with your own collected ones if it’s from the same type of plant?

If you don’t have a garden, but eat a lot of melons, pumpkins, mango’s etc: it might be a good idea to save the seeds (save, clean and dry) and send them to this Belgian professor. He sends them to developing countries in the south where they can grow their own crop with some free seeds and techniques they learn from local aid workers. Seeds for life!

organised seeds4

If you want to be able to save your own seeds from your own crop, then it’s maybe good to watch this – long – documentary and then sign this petition.