We finally finished weeding out the beds this Easter weekend and are now ready to plant out everything we want on the place we want. It’s so exciting and rewarding to see everything like this. Last year we actually didn’t use all the space in the vegetable garden and it’s really the first time that we see everything like this.

Eduard said yesterday that now it’s a vegetable garden in full function. He is right. It now really looks like a veg patch in – good – action. I’ll blog about those wood burned garden labels (picture above) later on. I’m experimenting again with garden labels.


I will wait one more week before I start planting out the real vulnerable things. Some cold weather is expected by the end of the week. As you can see on the picture above I’m much further now than at the beginning of this month (or beginning of march & end of march). A few weeks ago only the first part of the garden was finished. We now finished the second part. Eduard helped me a bit with this part, since we are planning a asparagus bed on one of beds (next to the greenhouse, behind my ‘thinking’-stone, on the picture above) and it was really hard for me to do. That bed really needed some deep digging. So he helped me with that. Nice!


We now have seven more beds to fill, which is amazing. Some of them are smaller beds and some of them are bigger. I situated the beds based on how the sun comes up and how our apple tree is situated. Most of the garden has enough sun though. I think during summer the biggest part of the garden has too much sun actually. But still it’s good to stretch your beds towards the right side.

The tree not only takes away some of the sun, but it also has some deep and big roots so it takes away some of the water as well. I therefore left about 1,5m empty next to the tree. The compost heap is situated there as well now. We moved it a bit. I will place a pumpkin on the old heap. People say that that does miracles with your pumpkin plant. We’ll see!




Anyway everything else in the garden, that was already planted is growing perfectly. There was a nice mix of sun and rain the last week and therefore things really got growing. This week it’s mostly rain though. So I’m hoping the soil will get moist again for the more dry weeks to come.

I also finally found straw and placed it around all the strawberry plants in the garden. It looks really pwetty. But it was a hell of a job. Not placing the straw itself, but the reaction that I got from it. Apparently I’m allergic for straw. I sneezed for over 15 minutes non-stop after the work was done. Ah-choo! Painful.





It’s also going really well with our fruit bushes and trees. We will have a grand plum year this year based on the amount of small plums that are now in the tree. It’s crazy! Last year we had to split one plum with the two of us. I think this year we will bade in them. The cherry trees seem to have a rest year though. We think that we won’t get as much as last year. But it’s still looking good. Maybe the warm weather got to it too early. We don’t know. I’ll update on that in june, when we harvested the cherries last year.

That’s it for this months garden updates. I’ll post back again with an update in early May. That will probably be a big change again. Now that everything starts growing rapidly! How is your garden going along?