GOLDITA does its name justice. It is a tasty and prolific orange cherry tomato. Next to that, it seems that this golden coloured tomato variety is an early cropper, which is always a bonus. More specifics about this variety are summed up below. Read it through and let me know if you agree with my observations.



TYPE:  round – cherry tomato

PLANT TYPE AND SIZE:  an indeterminate variety – can reach 2 meters in height – it’s advised to prune out the suckers (I prune back to 2 or 3 main stems)

GROWTH SEASON:  an early cropper (it was one of my first varieties to give ripe fruit)

COLOR:  yellow to light orange when ripe

FRUIT SIZE:  +/- 3cm.

FRUIT CLUSTERS:  yes – about 15-20 fruits per cluster – higher up the plant smaller clusters

FOLIAGE:  normal

TASTE:  it’s a tasty tomato, nice and sweet

TEXTURE:  good amount of smooth flesh – not mealy, nor too watery

SKIN TYPE:  hard

USE:  crunchy texture – best eaten raw as a snack, in a salad or dried as a sun-dried tomato

DISEASES & ISSUES:  I grow all my tomatoes outdoors and without cover. This tomato variety was the very first one that got ill in 2020. It got brown areas on its stem very early in the season, due to heat and humidity. I managed to cut off the two stems just above the first cluster of tomatoes and left a new sucker to grow up as the main stem. It survived beautifully and kept on growing disease free. You can see on the pictures below how the cuts were made.