This will be the shortest blog post in history, surely in my blogging history. You see, I want to explain to you how I grew a new peach tree from our existing peach tree. And telling you how I did it won’t entail much information.

I basically ate a homegrown peach and planted the seed next to the existing peach in the same pot. About 10cm deep. That was somewhere in August or September last year. I totally forgot it, and a week ago I was surprised to see that the stone started to sprout. In a distinguishing red color. Happy me! Look how beautiful it looks. I replanted it today in a new small pot and I’ll be potting it up slowly during the year. Hoping that it will grow into a new tree.

I bought the original tree a little over a year ago for my birthday. It was an expensive tree (compared to  other trees I’ve bought), but its fat buds swept me away and I fell in love with it. It ended up having beautiful blossoms and the cutest peaches that tasted amazingly rich in peach cakes.

The original tree is a dwarf variety tree. It will be interesting to see what kind of tree the new one will be. It’s not always the case that you get the same tree from the stone of a fruit. I will be planting more stones this year. This experiment deserves repetition. You should try it out too, and let me know if it works for you too!