Sac à tarte

My sewing course (pre-summer wise) came to an end with a big bang. We got the proposal to make a super-fun pie carrier tote. Jippie! A project that is near to my heart. Practical, functional and it involved cooking something tasty (one day), and eating it somewhere at an outdoor picnic with friends.

I couldn’t have wished for a better project to close the course for the summer break. The fabric that they had on stock was beautiful as well. Linnen definitely became my fabric of choice during this course. I didn’t have enough time to finish it off in one lesson though, so I took the time to finish it off at home and I’m really loving the end product.

I will probably make at least one more, so that we have a couple that we can use to carry two cakes. Eduard always bakes cakes for his birthday to bring to work and it would be useful to have two for those kind of occasions. But maybe I’ll make a few more for friends. We’ll see.

If you love these pie carriers as well, you have a few options: 1. you can follow a sewing course at La Fabrik, 2. make your own (tutorial here, here, here and here) or 3. ask me to make one for you!

Let the picnic season begin (and the rain season come to an end)!