After the cherries and the plums, we now are dealing with a bumper crop of apples. They came early this year. Last year we were too late with picking them. Most of them had already fallen down. We were thinking that they were going to get more red. But that wasn’t the case. This variety stays very compact and green. And therefore last weekend we took some time to pick most of the big ones and left the small ones in the tree. Eduard had friends over from the Netherlands and one of them helped us out taking everything down.

We will be making apple tarts and cakes with them. They aren’t very suitable for raw eating as they are pretty fleshy and quite strong tasting. In cakes they are perfect though. We will be freezing the cakes in for later in the year as we surely can’t eat up all the cakes at once. We probably picked around 15-20kg of apples.

cotton bag by Pinipiru ||| harvesting baskets