It has been quiet around here as we were on a small holiday the last two weeks. It’s back to work today, but not before I show you a quick and random view of our holiday in images. We had a wonderful time. It was all very peaceful and the weather was great. We strolled around beaches, visited churches and castles.

Camping was easy and camping spots were (overly) clean. Denmark is also a very good holiday country for vegetarians I noticed. Although you rarely find something vegetarian on the menu, if you ask for a vegetarian option, you will almost certainly get a great dish with fresh and tasty veggies.

Definitely a country you should visit in summer. It’s small, but has a rich history which has influenced contemporary languages and cultures in many European countries (and the US actually as well).

Below a few pictures, I’ll blog in a more detailed manner about it in a short while.

danish cobra





denmark boats

denmark castle chair



denmark castle




denmark faaborg

denmark fjord walk

denmark fjord water



denmark hamlet castle coffee



denmark lunch vegetarian



denmark sobogaard drink

denmark street art


denmark walk




history denmark

hund i snor denmark

louisiana denmark garden


simonia money register