I was working with another small greenhouse this year to get my seedlings started. It was the little greenhouse I bought last year. I used it as an in between step to adjust the seedlings to the colder weather when they went from indoors to outdoors. But since I started earlier this year I decided to use the outdoor greenhouse indoors to give the seedlings some more warmth, since it isn’t that warm in our house. We only warm the house in the evening, you see.
Now that was all set, until I started seeding out things and suddenly the whole house was full with all kinds of trays filled with dirt. Soon the little greenhouse proved to be too small. A week ago we were looking at somebodies little plastic greenhouse online and Eduard said: “You actually need one of those.” I nodded. I needed one, but I wasn’t really in the shopping mood and decided that if I would run into one I would consider buying one, if not, then not.


Today I went out to do some groceries and – as french shops very well adjusted to seasons – I actually bumped into several of these small greenhouses. I was lucky! They were available in different shops in different sizes. I eventually chose to buy the smaller sized one. It’s comparable with this one. With the two small ones now that I use indoors and the bigger one that we will put up in march, we should be good I think.

When I arrived back home I set it up and it cleaned up the mess in the house marvellously. Bravo! Let’s hope the seedlings like it as much as I do.


This is how it looks when it’s all closed up. Basically this is how it looks the biggest part of the day.