I’ve knitted a new baby sweater again. This time for our baby niece. I blogged about a previous one earlier. My goal is to get rid of my yarn stash before we move by the end of this year. By ‘get rid of’ – I mean, make things from it. I don’t want to throw it away obviously. Somehow simultaneously I’m sabotaging my own goals by buying more yarn than I knit away.

I knit my sleeves obviously, but I really need to produce more to get rid of everything. I found out that I like knitting these straightforward baby vests and sweaters. They are small enough to finish in a long evening and big enough to get rid of two balls of – in this case cotton – yarn. I can also knit them without a pattern, which is a big +.

knit sweater baby

Knitting without a pattern is tricky though, since I never know if it’s the right size. Fingers crossed that this one will be the right size in two months. I’m also hoping that it’s the sweater is cold enough to be worn on fresh summer mornings or evenings. I might make a few more in different sizes, forms and colours as back up or for the other upcoming babies in the family.

What is your strategy for knitting away a yarn stash? Any helpful ideas for me?

knit sweater