I’ve been knitting macbook sleeves for a while now and I still enjoy it a lot. It’s a perfect way for me to relax and get my hands off the computer. But about 250 sleeves down the road a few months ago I did decide that I have to reshuffle the way I work, in producing – but mostly in how I push these sleeves into the world. I have to adjust my way of work to make the work even more enjoyable, well and more efficient actually. What I did in the past was knit a sleeve (or two) and then add it to the shop. Sounds pretty straightforward and easy, but it’s always more work than you expect at first and the biggest hurdle is the photography part which is all scattered up in pieces and takes more time than I want it to take.

I also want to knit less custom sleeves and I always see that these custom sleeves get ordered when there isn’t a lot of choice in the shop. Then people look at the sold sleeves and ask for a replica. Which is cool, but it’s always a bit of a hassle and less creative or free work in a way. If I could offer a big variety of choices for people, they wouldn’t feel the need to order an old design. It would be basically a win-win situation for both of us.

So it was clear, I had to change how I worked and I did. Let me tell you how.

I decided to work in batches, so for example I would have to knit twenty sleeves and then I push them live all at once. I will only need to photograph the products in one photo session, I will only need to adjust and rewrite the text of the sleeves once. This would definitely mean less hassle. Less shred up time. Easy-peasy!


I finished the sleeves about a week ago and afterwards I had a small photography session. Today I’m ready to show you some previews of the new 13 inch knitted macbook sleeves. They are ready now, just in time for fall and winter. Their favourite seasons of the year. Soon they will be available in my shop.


I’m also planning to do a little give away of one of the sleeves that was left from my old – old – old collection. Just to celebrate this new collection. It’s a colourful and bright sleeve, a great one I tell you!

I’ll announce the give-away on my facebook page.

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