Our houses have been known as quite cold houses. We don’t use a lot of heating and if it’s cold, we try to dress up warm and if it’s really cold, we use blankets. Our guests also tend to resort to our blankets. One of the oldest knitted blankets we have/had, was a knitted blanket that I had knitted about ten years ago. It was a really messy and huge blanket, made with all kind of leftover yarn. It had a really funny shape. It was the first big project I knitted years ago and I didn’t try to keep a straight line, same thickness or anything.

knitted log cabin blanket

It did serve us well over the years. I was getting annoyed by it though, as I couldn’t fold it normally. So if I would put it away, it would be a big messy ball of yarn. I decided to take it out, reuse the yarn and knit a slightly smaller, slightly thicker new blanket from it. It wasn’t supposed to be a perfect blanket, but slightly less messy. And this time I wanted to try out a log cabin pattern, as I didn’t want to knit the whole piece at once. I wanted to do some lighter knitting. I preferred not to place 150 stitches on one needle.

log cabin blanket

I knitted a square and then followed on every side with a scarf like piece of knitting. I went on and on in a circle until it was big enough. When I finished the square like shape, I sewed it together very loosely. It’s really easy to make yourself and doesn’t require a lot of muscle power or knitting knowledge. If you knit the whole blanket at once, in one line, you are bound to get painful hands, skin or joints.

Yesterday (after two weeks of on-and-(mostly)off knitting) I finished the blanket, I washed it and now we can use it again. I’m really happy with it. I can finally tuck it away properly on the pile of other blankets. I’m also happy that I still re-used the yarn of the 10y.old blanket. I find it very difficult to throw those kind of things away. It had kept so many friends warm in our cold houses. Hahaha.

knitted log cabin blanket2

pile blankets