Months ago I was reading the announcements forum of our village because I was trying to see if somebody was offering french lessons and while I was searching I found a question placed by somebody about a disappeared village somewhere in between our village and the next one. Somebody had found it and was wondering if there was something known about the history of that lost village, some people answered, but in the end not a lot of information was exchanged. Anyway, I showed that message to Eduard and we decided that one day we would also try to find it. A few weeks ago we tried for the first time, but our car stranded in a pretty dramatic way. Now that the car was fixed again we decided to give it another try.

search27search02 We drove up again and tried to find a place where we could drop our car close to the place we thought the village would be. We placed our car in front of a cross that was placed as a memorial to the lost village and without really reading the text on it walked onto the small path that leaded into the woods. With every pile of stones we saw, we thought we tried to imagine a piece of a house. Unfortunately our imaginative skills came in short and after walking for a half hour down hill, we decided to go back since the path came to an end. We were pretty sure we didn’t find the lost village. 

search04 search03 search06 search05 search09 search08 search07 search12search13 search17 search11 search14We sat down at the river first to eat our nectarines and have some water and make some pictures. After I had made enough pictures of our feet, Eduard wondered why I never make pictures of our other ends. Since I didn’t have a good answer, I made one of our heads as well this time. After that our walk went on up hill and we ended up back at the memorial.  

search10 search16 search15 search21 search20 search19 search18search24 search23 search22search01 search25We read the text on the memorial again with some more detail and figured out that the memorial was placed on the soil of the old cemetery. It was not only a memorial for the old town, but mostly for the lost graves. Another mystery solved and the piles of stones now made more sense. Somehow disappointed that we still didn’t find the lost village we went back home and took out a map of the mountain where we found out that the we were on the wrong side of the mountain. Third time lucky, right? And it wasn’t that bad, we saw some very nice pieces of forest. I’m sure when we find it next time, the experience will be only better.