July and August were overwhelming months blackberry wise. We harvested full bags of blackberries for weeks. I made a bread cake out of them and we ate them in our yoghurt for breakfast. At the end of the harvesting period we still ended up with about 8kg of blackberries in our freezer. At that time we didn’t want to stand above a stove and make confiture, so we froze them to prepare them later in the year.

As we are harvesting like crazy now, our freezer was getting full. We had to defrost the blackberries and turn them into confiture that could be saved outside the freezer. We started by taking the defrosting the blackberries. This took about a day. When they were defrosted we mixed the blackberries with the sugar and left them like that in the fridge for another day. Now they were ready to be turned into tastyconfiture in our mighty copper pan.

I explained the copper pan jam making procedure earlier, I believe? A copper pan will react (in a not so healthy way), when it comes in contact with acidic fruits. To prevent that from happening, you need to mix the fruit with the sugar in a separate pan before you place them in a copper pan. Sounds like a hassle, but the copper pan makes up for this hassle afterwards. It cooks up confiture in a much more efficient way. Besides that the consistency is also much better to my opinion.

For this low sugar confiture we used three parts fruit and one part sugar. This way, you can still taste the tartness of the black berries. The sugar was divided in one part normal sugar and one part confiture sugar. So much for the long ingredient list. We cooked it up until we reached the right consistency. You can do the consistency check comme ça. And while Eduard was  keeping an eye on the confiture pan outdoors, I was sterilizing the jars on another stove inside the house.

We joined forces again to fill the jars. We ended up with twelve jars in different sizes. For your reference from 4,5kg of fruit and 1,5kg  sugar we ended up with about 4kg of confiture. Let the winter come, we are prepared.

cooking blackberry confiture

blackberry confiture by pakovska