Ever since we moved to the Grenoble area I’ve been surprised by the lack of publicly organised creative activities (that I find interesting). I must admit that I haven’t been looking really hard, but I’ve asked around, and as far as my french goes, I’ve also been googeling. Of course you can find these classical craft markets or stages at farms, but I was looking for something more contemporary like the Dudua workshops in Barcelona. And for the craft market I was looking for an equivalent of the Renegade market in Brooklyn. People had told me though that it wasn’t very typical for the area, as people preferred to climb up mountains in their free time. Hm.

So I couldn’t find anything that came close, until two weeks ago, when I suddenly saw somebody post something on FB about the Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble. I placed it with a big marker in our agenda. And so today we said good-bye to our dutch friends, that stayed over for the week, and went into the city to see if this market finally was something I was looking for. And it was! Even Eduard enjoyed himself & that really says something.

The quality of the items offered was really good and although some crafts were overrepresented, there was enough variety to choose from. The people at the market, both sellers and strollers, were as colourful as the items on offer. That’s always nice. There was also enough opportunity to sit down and have a drink in between all those beautiful handmade items. For us it was a nice introduction to that area, where many ateliers are held by creatives.

All together it was a great experience and thankfully proved me wrong when it comes to creative activities in Grenoble. The market was better than most markets I’ve seen in the Netherlands and came really close to markets like Renegade in the US. Jeeeej! Now I only need to find a local Dudua.

So if you are in the neighbourhood this afternoon & evening, don’t hesitate go to Quartier Lakanal in Grenoble. The market is open until 20.00h tonight. But don’t worry, if you have missed this one, I’m sure there will be a next one. You can keep an eye on this page for follow up events.

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble01

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble02

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble03

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble04

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble05

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble06

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble07

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble08

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble09

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble11

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble12

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble13

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble14

Marché des Créateurs de Grenoble15

I grabbed a few business cards of things we liked – and in some cases bought – on the way. I will share their web venues with you here:

Les Petits Papiers
– lovely notebooks –
Le Poil de Chameau
– hand painted wooden brooches & upcycled mens fashion –
Mademoiselle Grain Sel
– incredible walnut related jewellery and other things –
– imaginative pottery & ceramics –
Legalet de Petra
– colourful & unique air plant planters –
Maille a part
– beautiful yarn supply store –