I’m waiting this morning for the piano movers to arrive and to pick up our piano. We are moving to a new house. Or maybe I should say we are – finally – moving. Exactly three years ago I wrote almost the same sentence when we – finally – migrated to France. It’s funny how ready I always feel to move on to a next chapter, when time is there. Maybe this time I feel extra ready, as we are thinking about moving for over a year now. We were supposed to end our French adventure exactly a year ago, but we didn’t. We decided to stay (for now or for ever, we don’t know).

Decision to move

And when we decided to stay in this country somewhere halfway this year, we also decided to move away from this house that had been a perfect home for us, but doesn’t fit our needs for the upcoming period. During these past months we really got increasingly detached from the house as it became very impractical in combination with our new life here. The house is now too far from everything. Eduard started a new job at the campus on the other side of the city, He now has immense traffic to work against every day. And at the same time this village where we live has become too isolated from everything. This wouldn’t be a problem if the village wouldn’t have been so quiet in itself. This isn’t working for me anymore. It was perfect for our initial migration plan, but now that we are staying, I have different needs which require for a better connection to the city (Grenoble) and a more active village to live in, in the first place. The connection part has gotten even worse the last few years, as they cut down the public transport options from our village. The house became a burden.

House search

There were more things that made us want to move, but these inconveniences were the things that made us want to move as soon as possible. After searching for a perfect house for a couple of months, we decided not so long ago that we really couldn’t stay here longer and that winter was the perfect time to move. We were lucky to find a new house (or a maisonette) for rent, that fits our needs for now. It’s situated in a new more populated agglomeration of villages on the other side of town. Only 25 minutes away from a ski area and many things that I can walk or cycle to, from our new house. Fun fact: we are moving 30 minutes closer to the Netherlands.

And so now we are moving. It’s time to say goodbye to this beautiful house on the mountain, that was our warm home for the last three years. I hope that the next occupants of the house will enjoy their lives here as much as we did. I hope they enjoy the view, the fireplace, the garden, the clean air, the mountains, the birds and everything else that comes with it. I also hope they own two cars, otherwise life isn’t very comfortable here #onthemountain!

I’ve collected some pictures I made the last three years of the house as a tribute and a warm farewell to the house. They are pretty randomly collected, as it was really hard to go through the ten thousands of images I have made these years. I do think they give a good overview of the place. The place from where you’ve seen me blog. A new chapter opening here on my online home as well now. I hope to see you there as well!

piano on the mountain

house on the mountain

kitchen table

preparing a dinner

living room view

winter house

house in winter

workroom view

house bike

cycling with a view

fire on the mountain

elephant plant


groceries on the mountain

the red kitchen on the mountain


kitchen view

walnuts drying




evening house

dinner for two

christmas on the mountain