Sac à main jardinière

I started with sewing classes in our valley at La Fabrik a while ago. The classes take place once every two weeks or so. Up till now I’ve had four classes I think, and I’m feeling already more confident behind my sewing machine. More confident yes, but definitely not more patient. This sewing game is really set out for the more patient ones among us. But I’m managing and perhaps I’ll get the hang on that as well after a few more lessons. This week I finished another project the team of teachers set out for us. I made a tote bag, or a sac à main perhaps in French?

My plan is to use this bag for my harvests. I can carry the bag on my bike up and down the mountain. I really love the fabric as well. It has very high summer, garden feel to it, don’t you think? I think it’s probably an old bed cover, that now will have a second life. A life out in the open, in the field, where those flowers belong. Ok, maybe I’m over romanticising this, but that’s ok. The bag will soon be brown and muddy and I will get a reality check.

The next project I’m working on (and hoping to finish quickly), is a garden tool bag. I’m sticking to the garden theme as you might have guessed. I’m halfway now and with some luck I’ll finish it by the end of the month, so that I can use it in the garden. And then in May I will start a new project at the creative workshop of the lovely ladies shown below. Maybe a new garden apron? Who knows, maybe they will have set out something for us.

In case you like the look of the bag and are interested – and live in the area (on the Grésivaudan side of Grenoble) –  you should definitely consider joining one of their workshops. They organise all kinds of things (paper workshops and knit evenings), but mostly sewing classes. More information can be found here. I hope to write some more about their creations (because they make beautiful things themselves) here on the blog. Consider this a very short introduction!

la fabrik saint pierre d'allevard

Image made and copyrighted by La Fabrik