I found the perfect wedding location yesterday afternoon! Don’t worry, not for us! But if anybody wants to get married in France and possibly in the Isere region, then zis iz ze place! Stop searching! This ruin of an important castle from the middle ages and former convent, is situated about an hour drive from Grenoble and is just about the perfect place for a wedding (or anything else you want to celebrate). It has a great inside space with all different size rooms with great light and a huge garden, including a vegetable garden and orchard. The place  also situates a museum (with temporary exhibitions), so if your guests get bored, they can find enough entertainment around.

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I guess most of my readers won’t be looking for a wedding location around Grenoble, but just in case, let me show you how it looks. It’s also a nice place to visit if you are just going for a little get-away. It has a little restaurant, where you are nicely served and where you can order fresh juice from the orchard. We had a stunningly pink peach juice and a tasty dark cherry juice. Didn’t make a picture of those, they were gone before I could do *click*. Our car said that it was 40 degrees celsius outside, so you can imagine how thirsty we were.