A few weeks ago we decided to join a local hike at one of the ski stations near here. As we are at the beginning of autumn, there wasn’t any snow yet, so it was perfect timing for a walk. The idea of the walk was that you walked around the valley and would stop now and then for some food at certain stations that they had set out. We started off with breakfast and ended with lunch.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot and during the walk we saw some spectacular views in the early morning. That was the most special part of the walk I thought. It was so special for me, that I decided to do something with one of the pictures I made during the hike. At first I decided to print the image only as a postcard. The postcards were delivered to me yesterday and you can now find them in my shop. It’s kind of exciting as it’s the first postcard I ever print with my own photography.

throw pillow french alps

wall clock french alps mountain

And then I tried out some more new things to see if the print would look good on (home) accessories and it turned out great (I think!). Well, and now all of a sudden the morning light on the French Alps-print is not only available as a postcard, but also as a throw pillow, a wall clock, a bit print and a tote bag. You can find everything but the postcard here.

What do you think?

framed print french alps

tote bag french alps