Almost half a lifetime ago I visited Paris for the first time. This picture below was made by my friend Eva. I was doing a Interrail tour throughout France, Spain & Portugal with her. We were in high school then and I was 18 years old. Since I’m now 33, it’s really almost a half lifetime ago that we travelled together for those 4 weeks.  Strange feeling!


Anyway, after that first time I have visited Paris two more times and although it’s a great city, it hasn’t become a favourite to me yet. I’m now planning a short trip to Paris again, since it isn’t far from where we now live and I’m trying to find some new things to do and visit. 

I’m hoping you can help me a bit, by giving me some good recommendations. I’ve searched ‘the web’, but I mostly see many cafe’s/restaurants or shops come by. My plan isn’t really to spend most of my days in shops or cafe’s, so I’m hoping to get a few different kind of suggestions. Are there special exhibitions that I shouldn’t miss. Great tours of the city? Or parks that I shouldn’t miss. Secret markets and atmospherical areas?

I would love to hear your suggestions!


Image attribution top featured image: Frédérique Voisin-Demery