You can’t imagine how excited I am! Today I received a package with horseradish roots from one of the members of this dutch gardening support group I’m part of. She took them out of her own garden and send them to me as I was desperately looking to find these roots. You can’t buy horseradish on every corner, so I’m very excited that from now on I’m able to supply myself!

Many people don’t know what to do with horseradish, but for me just thinking of the taste of horseradish spread on a good piece of bread makes my mouth water. As a vegetarian you don’t always want to eat cheese or something sweet on your sandwich and a good horseradish spread is really a great addition to your pallet of options. For those of you that need horseradish inspiration I’ve compiled a little board with horseradish recipes for you. And as soon as my roots become big at the end of this year I’ll also start experimenting and I’ll share the experiments with you.

horseradish shipped

This was how the roots arrived today. Wrapped up in plastic to keep them moist. Below you can see how I planted out the horseradish. I was advised to plant it out in pots, since it grows very easy. It can take over your garden. For us it’s also easy, since we will probably move by the end of this year, so this way, we can take it with us.

If you plan to plant out your own horseradish, you will only need some soil and a big pot. That’s it, nothing more. You can see below how I did it. I covered them up with soil and added some water and now we wait and wait.


horseradish in pot