We were away for a short holiday – actually a long weekend to the south of France. We met up with my mother in Nice during weekend and went camping with just the two of us right before and after. We had a great time, it was really relaxing to get away, even though it was just a short period. Now that we are back, it’s back to work for both of us. Eduard back to the lab and me back to my fresh new business, which I send in the paperwork for right before we went of for holiday. Hooray, finally! For me it’s also back to work in my kitchen garden. It’s time to preserv all the fruit and veggies from our garden for winter. We had a lot of fruit lying around and apparently the garden had some things ready for us when we arrived. The greatest surprise must have been the aubergine coloured figs in our tree. 

preserving01These figs are extremely tasty and since they came from our own tree and since there are 100 more hanging up there, I’ve been eating them like crazy today.

So I’ve been back for about 22 hours, of which at least 8 were ticked away sleeping. A few were lost by settling down all our stuff and the rest of them were actually used for preserving all the veggies and fruits for winter (while eating some of the figs). 

The preserving part was pretty time consuming today. I prepared a few portions of tomato sauce again. We now have about 5 liter of tomato sauce ready for winter. That’s quite a bit! I’m hoping to be able to prepare 8 more portions by the end of september. I believe that then we’ll have more than enough.

preserving04Then I made mostly confitures or jams. I made melon, abricot and plum jams. These all didn’t come from our garden, but were bought by us and were partly getting old. I try not to throw away a lot of things and preserving them is a great solution. The abricots were specially bought for preservation btw. We bought them yesterday on the way back at a stand on the road. They were selling 1kg of abricots for only 1 euro and 50 cents. That’s pretty cheap. So I bought about 2 kgs, which gave me about 4 jars of jam. Pretty good. The most satisfying of all the jams was the melon one I think. The melon was not very tasty, it had a very neutral taste. I therefore decided to add some vanilla to it. I can advise you all to try this out. It’s delicious!

preserving07 preserving06preserving08 preserving12preserving09 preserving10Besides the jams I also tried to dry some tomato seeds from all the different tomato plants we have this year. I’m not sure if it will work, since these are apparently not very stable seeds, but there is nothing wrong with trying. I also dried the seeds of the melon, for more melon jam next year!

preserving02 preserving05The next thing on the long preservation to-do list is the green walnut liquor. I need to strain the mix of walnuts, herbs and liquid and place them in their final bottles. But first I need to find suitable bottles. I’ll be able to update you soon about that hopefully.