Exactly two weeks ago I wrote this post about regrowing pruned shoots from your tomato plants. I first used the “soil” method and a week ago I started experimenting with only water. I wanted to share a little update on the tomato plants since the results are amazing! These guys are growing roots as big- and white as Santa’s beard! I had placed a few shoots in soil and a week later I decided to try a few in water, since I had so much shoots that I didn’t want to spoil soil on them if they weren’t going to root. But root they did! 

See here the results of one week of keeping a simple shoot from a tomato plant in a little cup of water. I used the slightly bigger shoots that I took off the plants. Not the tiny ones. And these plants apparently want to live! It’s very rewarding to see. I do have too many tomato plants now, so I’ll have to figure out where to stall them. I will probably do some container gardening with these and place them on our terrace. I’ll update you on how long it takes before they start developing real tomatoes. I don’t have a clue if their growth period will be different from their mother plants. If you want to know, either try yourself or keep a close eye on my blog for part 3 of this tomato series. pruning tomatoes1