Rendez-vous aux jardins: Tineke Bot

I have gardening on my mind today. Most probably because I can’t go out to the garden due to the amount of rain that has fallen yesterday and today. And not only that, I also woke up this morning without a voice. I somehow caught a cold and with the combination of the pollen that are flying around I’m literally broken. The only thing that keeps me awake right now is a cocktail of medication that barely fits into a day.

That doesn’t happen a lot, but I think this won’t be a very productive week, and I have to accept that. I guess this years dutch entry to the Eurovision Song Contest is a good reminder for this. Slow down! And I’m doing my best, I’m really trying to stay indoors, making sure I won’t burst into a sneezing concert due to hay fever. I’m drinking a lot of warm drinks and not stretching myself. I guess blogging from the comfort of our living room, is the only thing I can do now (besides sending orders away). And what better subject to blog about than gardens, right?

Every year there is an open garden weekend organised all around France. It’s called Rendez-vous aux jardins. This year it’s organised on 3˜4˜5 June 2016. Last year we experienced this open garden day for the first time and it was great fun. We actually visited only one garden. The sculpture garden of Tineke Bot in Choranche. Tineke Bot is a dutch artist living in France. She and her french husband have built a studio for her work halfway the nineties in the Drome area.

Outside this studio, they keep up an amazing garden full with her sculptures. The combination of the garden and the sculptures is a real treat for the visitor to the garden. As you walk along the paths up and down the mountain slope, you are accompanied by figurines that enjoy the garden and the view along with you. Really enjoyable and much to see. You actually get two-for-one in this garden, art and greenery.

Below you can find some impressions of the garden. I hope it does the garden justice. If you are in the neighbourhood, it’s definitely worth visiting. I actually couldn’t find her this year on the list of open gardens. But maybe it’s incomplete. You could check out her website (which is pretty wonky) and contact her for exact opening times!

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