A week or so ago I saw a dutch recipe come by for a red cabbage smoothie. The vibrant color really tickled my fancy, and made me decide to try out juicing a red cabbage. The consistency of red cabbage smoothie just didn’t sound very appealing. I might try that out later.

I have been juicing vegetables for a while now, but juicing red cabbage was new to me. I put on a apron – I rarely do that, but you really need to with a red cabbage – and grabbed some extra apples and lemons. I cleaned them and started juicing away. So easy, a child could do it.

The taste turned out wonderful, super fresh. And the color was amazing. Look at that pretty foam on top. The taste of the red cabbage was clearly present, but not overwhelmingly heavy. And the added lemons brought in a nice sour flavour that tamed the red cabbage taste. Definitely something I will experiment more with in the future.

rich red cabbage juice - pakovska.com

Nutritious properties

I did some research and also found out that a red cabbage is very nutritious and healthy. It’s full with vitamins. Next to that, it’s rich on iron, calcium and many more good things. It’s also said that it has anti-inflammatory properties and can calm down your stomach. To keep these nutrients intact you should eat the cabbage raw or only lightly cooked.

A rich red cabbage juice - pakovska.com

Healthy rich red cabbage juice - pakovska.com

Ingredients for 4 small glasses of juice

– 1/3 of a cabbage head
– 4 apples
– 2 small lemons

What to do

Depending on the type of juicer you have and depending on your personal preferences: clean your apples, lemons and cabbage. I personally wash the apples and take the pits out. I spoon out the lemon or peel the skin off. As for the cabbage, I just take off the outer leaves.
Cut all the pieces to fit your juicer and start juicing away. I normally prefer to juice the lemons before I juice the apples, to keep the colour fresh and vibrant, but in the case of this bloody red cabbage, it’s really not important.
Enjoy your drink!